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Nylon Webbing

Nylon webbing is a strong and durable type of webbing, commonly used in making rifle slings, sports products, pet leashes and collars, backpack and luggage straps, and safety belts. Jontay offers in mil-spec nylon webbing, camouflage nylon webbing, general-purpose flat nylon, heavy, thin, and tubular nylon webbing.
Camouflage Webbing
Jontay carries many patterns of camouflage mil-spec nylon webbing, including Multicam, ACU digital, Desert Digital, Woodland Digital, A-TACS, and A-TACS FG.
mil-spec nylon webbing
Jontay offers many styles of mil-spec nylon webbing: Mil-T-5038 Grosgrain, MIL-W-17337, A-A-55301, Mil-W-5625 Tubular, Mil-W-4088 and Mil-W-27265.
flat nylon webbing
Flat Nylon Webbing is a durable type of webbing, commonly used in making sports products, pet leashes, luggage straps, and safety belts.
tubular nylon webbing
Tubular Nylon webbing is strong and durable like our flat nylon webbing. It is hollow in the middle, allowing for a protective covering for cables, tubes, hoses, and shock cord.
Heavy Nylon Webbing
Our heavy nylon webbing is rigid, durable, and useful for applications such as scuba gear, holsters and rigger's belts.
Thin Nylon Webbing
For applications that require thinner, yet sturdy webbing construction, we offer a thin nylon webbing in 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1".
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